Friday, June 25, 2010

Early Morning = Fun Day

So I drove over to Sergios apartment today at about 6:30 am to meet up with him and the few dudes who stayed over with him. That being Alec Gentile, Eric Gentile, and Sam Giese. Headed out to a few spots for the day and got a few pictures but mostly just clips. Here is the few pictures.

new camera stuffz, thanks sergio!


coons a coon

Eric doing negative makio to 180 over the little drop
BUM sleeping

BUM waking up

Scales dawg


Sergio Ybarra

Alec waking up at Revolution, nice big drool spot on the couch.

Went to Revolution to get out of the hot ass weather and get some food and watch some good videos.

We all got juiced off his scream roll.

Sergio wearing the strange creatures shirt I destroyed...ripped on the back.

Eric having some sweet fucking hair and a coon of a face.
Eric lacing a front farv sickness on the white disaster-ish rail.

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