Friday, August 6, 2010


SO today we went out to a down ledge with Devan Stewart, Sam Giese, Eric Gentile, Alec Gentile, Kolbe Caruth, and some of the Chicago kids who are out here doing shit for their video Honey Baked. After that we went to a bank spot where Luke got a clip and Jacey hurt his ankle. To end the blade night we went to TNS at Goodyear skatepark and I took a few photos of the chicago kids. Went back to Lukes pad after that and got sleepy and went home around 2. FUN.

spider of death
Jacey Heimer being like 'SUP WORLD'
Jacey hurt his ankle trying a high rail grinder to land to 180 off a bank.
This is Bryan, he does sick moves like Top Acid to fakie into this shit
This is Dylan, he's #23 on the Chicago Bulls. He is doing a top soul.
and an AO top porn
And a fishbrain
And 270 back savannah
This is darkness, he waits under your bed at night.
This is Luke Kimberly, he got some CLIPZ.
This is a Peggy, she likes to hump her bed.

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