Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/30/11-Prescott day trip

Today Mike D, Ryan Daily, Luke Kimberly, Jacey Heimer, Sergio Ybarra, and myself took a day trip to Prescott/Prescott Valley to blade up some spots. Started out by going to the skatepark in Prescott Valley and some of the local duders met up with us. Took some photos and then we decided to head to the first spot. Went to the ditch spot from one of Sergio's comps(Sweet Thing). Pretty much everyone got a clip there and then we went to some other spots that didn't quite work out. It was super cold and it blew balls. Went to a elementary school where luke and jacey each got a clip. Went to Taco Bell and then called it a day. Photos by RyanB and RyanD

Luke - Tru Mizou

Jacey - Front Sav

Mike - Ao Top Acid full cab in

Ryan - Super Air

Luke - Ao Neg Mistrial

Luke - Wallride to fakie

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