Monday, February 7, 2011

A Thug Enough Day - 2/06/11

Today was a fun day. oh yes. Myself, Luke, Ryan, Sergio, and Kris went out to film. First we went to a school out in ahwatukke so Luke could get a clip. Luke did a cross grab backslide on the little down rail and RyanD got a clip of him doing a gap off of a table he laid down against a little wall. After that spot we drove around for a while without being able to find much of anything. We ended up going to a little ledge that RyanD did for his 90 sec edit. Kris did a bunch of xgrinds, tried fishbrain, then nailed his knee on one of the caps on the ledge. Luke and Ryan each got a clip. Drove back after we were done and realized that the van had a flat. Got that changed and then finished the night.

Ryan has 4 toes

Luke has cross grab backslide

Kris - Xgrind

Luke - farside sweatstance

Ryan's ;;;;]]]]]

Ryan - Back Royal around the curve

5 dollar foot long penis

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