Monday, February 21, 2011

Some old sections

This is the original Intro for the video 'Thug Enough'. The one that appeared online/in the video was one I put together last minute and decided to put in instead right before the video was finished. All the footage is from 2007-2008.

Song: Xiu-Xiu feat Michael Gina - Under Pressure(cover)

A montage of clips I put together in 2009 when we first started filming for CREEP. These are the very first clips I had filmed and had been wanting to make something to this song for a while, so this is what came out of that.

Song: The Cure - I want to be old

This is a section I was putting together of some of the young dudes here in AZ. Never ended up finishing it and just used some of the clips in the Friends section of CREEP.

Alec Gentile
Eric Gentile
& Britt Myslinski

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