Monday, February 28, 2011


Yesterday Myself, Luke Kimberly, Kyle Smith, Ryan Daily, Jacey Heimer, James Johnson, and Mike Dritlein went for a day trip to Tucson.
Sooo the day /ride started off pretty good by us all laughing and talking, then Ryan D cut everyone off and yelled 'THAT GUY IS GETTING ROAD HEAD'. So we slowed down and sure enough, this guy was getting hardcore road head. There is a picture I will put which if you look close you can see the top of the girls hair. It was pretty much the theme of the day after that, penis and road head.
Back to blading, we went to this big ass bank where Austin Paz does a gap in his new edit and Mike Lilly does a transfer gap thing in his 90 sec edit. James laced some scary ass tricks there down the curb thing leading down to the dirty/half dried bank.
After that, we went to a bank ledge spot that James showed us. Ryan, Mike, and Luke each got a clip there.
The next spot was a curve handicap rail that Jacey and Luke saw while we were driving to a different spot. Jacey got a clip and Luke did as well.
The last spot of the day was a re-visit to a bank spot where some of the local Tucson guys cemented some rails into the dirt.
All in all the day was a lot of fun and penis talk/butt hole checking is funny.
-Photo's by Ryan Daily-




James Johnson - Soul to Bank

Luke Kimberly - AO Top Porn

Jacey Heimer - Top Soul around curve

Kyle Smith - Top Soul

James - Front Farv

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