Monday, March 14, 2011


Yesterday Myself, Jacey, RyanD, and Sergio went out to film and do the normal Sunday thing. By what the title implies, Luke Kimberly was not there because he was in jail for the day doing some hard time. We started off by going to a bank that is in the skateboarding video 'A Happy Medium'. Chad Hornish and Kenny Scherf both met up with us once we got to the bank. Chad got a fishbrain stall clip and RyanD got two clips.
After that, we went to a school that we went to back when we were filming for CREEP. Pretty much everyone got some clips while we were there. Jacey got a pretty sweet clip of him holding a top porn along a rail. It was a fun day. -Photos By Ryan Daily-

OH HAI, wurrrs luke?

Sergio Ybarra - Getting the under rail clips

Closer Up, no hands, wink

Chad meeting up with us and looking cut3 as evarr

Chad - Fishbrain stall

Sergio - Front Unity's all day breh

Kenny - Roll to Tru Top Soyale

Nimhs...I mean SSM?

Jacey - Top Porn


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